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Rotating Telescopic Handler 5.5-21

Introducing the first of the next generation.

The JCB Rotating Telescopic Handler 5.5-21 is the evolution of over 40 years’ experience building the world’s number one telehandler. Since JCB started building telehandlers in 1977, the demands of the house building and materials handling industry have changed significantly, construction sites are now more compact, and the material handled has evolved. Now, panellised homes, steel frame buildings, cladding and maintenance work are becoming common. To recognise this and to deliver maximum productivity the JCB 5.5-21 has been designed from the ground up to ensure a perfectly matched machine for the modern construction industry.

The process started with proposing a machine with a lift performance fit for the widest range of applications whilst still making a compact and manoeuvrable machine. Controllability means everything to the operator, and with a full load management system matched to the best multifunctioning and most accurate hydraulics on the market. Operators can have the confidence to handle even the most delicate loads. From these constraints the JCB Rotating Telescopic Handler was developed.

Most importantly, it is a machine built for the jobsite not the workshop.

ROTO Telehandler

5.5-21: 5.5Tonne, 21m rotating telehandler

The JCB Rotating Telescopic Handler comes as standard with:

  • Low profile boom with internal routing of hoses and chains
  • Continuous 360° slew with a manual slew lock
  • The JCB EcoMAX 108kW Tier 4 final engine with a hand throttle and one touch idle
  • A Bosch Rexroth two speed hydrostatic 40kph transmission
  • Individually configurable X-Style telescopic outriggers with automatic functionality
  • Variable displacement pump with proportional servo electric joysticks with operator presence system
  • +/- 8 degrees of chassis levelling control
  • Bi directional Auxiliary with drain line
  • Load management system with envelope control and hydraulic service speed control
  • Clearview carriage with RFID attachment recognition system

With options including:

  • Twin Auxiliaries
  • Proportional external remote control
  • Hydraulic pin locking
  • AC
  • Eberspächer Cab Heater
  • Range of safety beacons
  • LED Work lights
  • Outrigger pads and stowage
  • Toolbox

A full attachment range including:

  • 5.5T Forks with freestanding fork frame
  • Box winch, 5.5T
  • Winch Jib. 2T, 2m
  • Carriage mounted hook, 5.5T, 0.5m
  • Reduced height Jib, 5.5T, 0.5m / 2T, 2m
  • Waste Skip
  • Trash Bucket
  • Concrete Skip

The Most Versatile:

The highly versatile JCB 5.5-21 combines the reach and lifting capability of a crane with the manoeuvrability of a telehandler and the access capability of a mobile elevated work platform.

  • The new JCB Rotating Telescopic Handler offers highly manoeuvrable crane-like lifting capabilities at a fraction of the rental or purchase price of a mobile crane, no need for specialist crane qualifications and a reduction in site insurance costs. With faster set up times and better off road capability the rotating telehandler offers a more cost effective solution to material handling.
  • Benefitting from a reach height of 22.5m, a 360-degree slewing machine with 180 degree slewing man basket and all-terrain capabilities the Rotating Telescopic Handler is a more versatile alternative to a mobile elevated work platform (man basket options released in Q2 2020).
  • Maximum productivity with 40kph travel speed, 4.5tonnes maximum capacity on wheels, with 2.5tonnes 360 degrees allowing the machine to unload a lorry of palletised loads without needing to reverse on site. Robust design from JCB’s 40 year heritage building the worlds #1 telehandler.

The Most Productive

Best in class load chart and hydraulic performance, combined with the fastest set up times and the fastest winch speeds mean the 5.5-21 is ready to compete with a mobile crane or any rotating telescopic handler competitors.

  • The new JCB 5.5-21 provides a 5.5tonnes maximum capacity on stabilisers with 2.5tonnes to full height. This gives a 10% lift envelope advantage over the competition exactly where you need it. The JCB Rotating Telescopic Handler is also the most productive on wheels with 4.5tonnes maximum capacity.
  • With the fastest set up times in the market, and the ability to rig the legs in any configuration the JCB Rotating Telescopic Handler can be repositioned and moved around site quickly and easily to ensure maximum productivity. When the lift is further away, the JCB 5.5-21 boasts a two speed hydrostatic transmission capable of 40kph, a tight turning circle of 4.05m and three steering modes to get you to where you need to go.
  • With such an integral role in keeping a jobsite working, JCB recognise that keeping up with the pace of work is critical. Best in class hydraulic performance in real world laden situations ensure the Rotating Telescopic Handler moves materials quickly, safely and efficiently. With independent hydraulic pumps offering 160 l/min, boom performance can be individually dialled in to get the most from your machine.

The Easiest to Use

Controllability breeds productivity and safety on site. JCB Rotating Telescopic Handler is the easiest machine to use. Its simple control interface combined with JCB’s Automate technology gives the operator complete confidence.

  • JCB’s control interface has been designed for quick, simple and intuitive use ensuring the information provided is relevant to the application. Transmission information is moved to a separate screen, so one permanent screen at eye level always shows your lift status. Individual service speed profiles gives the operator fine control.
  • Out of cab experience. JCB’s Remote Control allows the operator to leave the cab and control the machine where they can best see to land a load. With all the same features and controllability as if you were inside the cab (released Q1 2020).
  • Taking advantage of JCB’s Automate technology Auto Stow, Auto Deploy and Auto Level safe and quick deployment of outriggers is effortless. The JCB Rotating Telescopic Handler 5.5-21 boasts an industry leading 26 seconds to go from travel position to fully rigged and ready to lift.

The Safest Machine

The low boom pivot and specially designed carriage gives all round visibility. Camera options give the operator all the confidence they need. Full envelope control with soft stops mean the operator is always in control.

  • JCB’s hydraulics are internally routed giving exceptional visibility when looking down the nose of the boom. Full mirror coverage ensures that all visibility standards are exceeded. The low boom pivot ensures improved visibility to the rear right corner compared to the competition. The new carriage and fork frame ensures maximum fork tip visibility no matter how high you need to go.
  • A full range of camera options are available including side and rear mounted for all round visibility. A self-levelling boom nose camera allows the operator to land a blind or high load.
  • The Load Management system has a clear layout for the operator constantly displaying the status of the lift. Letting the operator know that they have a stable machine and stay away from operational limits. Full envelope control allows the operator to control the limits of the boom or slew function to ensure safe operation in confined spaces or when working near other plant or operatives
  • Dual joysticks- The main services are activated from a dead man button on the joystick with a five second cut out time to prevent inadvertent operation. Individual services can also be locked out to prevent accidents.
  • JCB 5.5-21 is equipped with an RFID attachment recognition system which ensures the correct load chart is always applied. The machine also has auto auxiliary venting, and the option of hydraulic pin locking, so manual attachments can be changed without leaving the cab.

The Most Profitable

The JCB Rotating Telescopic Handler is designed to maximise profits for you. This is achieved through maximum up time, strong JCB residual values, low running costs and a leading SAE rating. All backed up by the best dealer support network in the industry.

  • Maximum up time is given by a product that has been designed for reliability, which uses industry proven components and has been tested for thousands of hours in the harshest of conditions. This delivers a machine built for the jobsite not the workshop. Backed up by a comprehensive 2 year warranty.
  • Low running costs are delivered through vertical integration. JCB 5.5-21 ensures the highly efficient JCB ECOMAX engine is finely tuned to the whole machine, common parts to JCB’s existing products are used throughout, alongside industry leading components. Ground level daily checks, 500 hour greasing and service intervals with industry leading SAE values, ensuring a fast and simple service. JCB’s Auto idle and one touch idle technology ensures efficient operation.
  • JCB’s telematics solution LiveLink, allows remote machine management. Real time location data and geofencing ensures the machine stays safe. Maintenance can be managed simply with stored records. By providing machine statistics and configuration, productivity and profitability can be optimised.
  • With higher productivity than a fixed frame telehandler and significantly lower costs than a mobile crane, JCB 5.5-21 delivers a cost effective solution, ensuring return on investment. JCB’s machines are valuable assets with strong global demand; legendary productivity, superb build quality and the ability to de-emmissionise JCB’s engines will ensure maximum resale value.
  • With over 770 dealers worldwide JCB’s global dealer network gives a tailored support solution. JCB has the best response rates in the industry and will ensure your operation stays profitable. Whether you need a service or advice on a technical lift, JCB are here to support you wherever you are.