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Hydraulic Power Packs

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A growing tide of opinion says that hydraulic powerpacks make better business sense than rival pneumatic or electric options. The combination of performance and a compact user-friendly design has ensured that the overall efficiency really is without comparison.

Not surprisingly, JCB is leading the way. We offer a comprehensive range of powerpacks, breakers and tools which set the standards by which others are judged.

Thanks to their far greater efficiency, JCB hydraulic powerpacks can deliver equal tool performance using a far smaller engine than found in a typical air compressor. Consequently, they are far more portable and fuel efficient.

You can also trust them to get through a tremendous workload without encountering overheating problems.


  • Unique suction circuit eliminates pulsation damage to cooler
  • Lift up handle makes portability second to none
  • Power-on-demand system that reduces off load engine speed to idle, giving reduced noise levels, less engine wear and lower fuel consumption
  • Swing open frame provides excellent maintenance access to engine and hydraulics
  • Integral hose track prevents damage to hoses
  • Adjustable hydraulic flow gives precision control of tools
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“We’ve operated JCB machines for 32 years and they’ve always been a good machine. We’ve never had a bad one and they’ve always been reliable. Holt JCB is right on our doorstep and they give us a really good service too.”

Mark Farwell Plant Hire, Dorset