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Electric Mini

19C-1E 1


JCB is leading the way in clean technology and reducing harmful emissions. That’s why JCB is introducing E-TEC, a new generation of electric products with zero emissions at point of use that don’t compromise on performance. The new 19C-1E is the first of the electric generation and the industry’s first fully electric mini excavator. It lets you do a full day’s work on a single charge, giving you access to a whole new world of possibilities.


  • Zero Emissions at point of use
  • Low noise levels reduced by 7dB to 86 dB
  • No compromise on performance
  • The 3 battery pack lasts a full working day
  • Can charge from empty to full in 2 hours
  • 2 year warranty on machine and batteries
  • The industry’s first fully electric mini digger


What is the run time?

The 3 battery pack will last for the equivalent to a full day's work, subject to the type of job.

What is the charge time?

The charging time is only 2 hours with the optional 380-420V three phase external charger, 8 hours with a 220-240V on board charger and 12 hours with a 110V on board charger. 

How are the batteries charged?

The batteries can be charged with a 110V yellow industrial socket, with the option of a 230V industrial 3 pin blue socket; specified upon time of order. 

How long will the batteries last?

Even after 2000 full charge and discharge cycles (expected to be over 10 years) the batteries still have over 85% of their capacity left.

How does the machine perform?

The machine shares the same structure, canopy, dig end, hydraulics and controls as the diesel and performs in exactly the same way. The only change is that the power pack changes from a diesel to electric.

If the machine is left on, will it run the batteries down?

If the machine is left on, but not working, the battery will run down at a very low rate to conserve power and last 120 hours before recharging.

Can someone easily steal the batteries?

The batteries cannot be easily stolen as they sit deep within the structure of the machine, it would take several hours to remove.

Is the machine tethered?

The machine is completely stand alone and free of tethers to improve safety on site and eliminate trip hazards.

Is there any extra maintenance to do on the battery?

There is no maintenance required on the battery packs at all and daily checks are reduced to a minimum; increasing time on site.

What about warranty?

The warranty on the machine and batteries is 2 years.


If you're interested in adding the new JCB 19C-1E Electric Mini Excavator to your fleet, simply get in touch with your local Holt JCB salesman.

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“In the last 55 years there has never been a time when we haven’t owned a JCB. Numerous 3Cs, 3CXs, an 807 (that was a beast!) and 801 minis. The new JCB 8018 is now hard at work alongside our 19 year old 8014 on groundworks projects throughout mid Wiltshire. When a machine gives 19 years’ service, why look elsewhere?”

Paul Chandler - Earthworks, Wiltshire